Just like any other game in the world, poker can make you a bit nervous when you are just starting out. You have just learned the rules, and while playing the game, you constantly find yourself scratching your head to think what the term means or what your next move should be. That’s a common occurrence and there is nothing wrong with being in that position.

However, there are certain mistakes you must not make because they can cost you big time. If you make these mistakes just like other players in the world, you could lose everything that you have. Once that happens, you never feel courageous enough to come back to the game and play it. So, let’s take a look at these mistakes.

Putting in Everything You Have in the Game

Even the best players in the world don’t make this mistake. They know they are good, but they never trust their skills to the point of arrogance. They know the game of poker can humble them within minutes. You never want to go full-out when it comes to putting your money into the game. You have to be careful how much money you can spend and how much you have to save.

So, when you go into the casino or play online, the first thing you have to do is to make up your mind as to how much money you are going to spend. If you have $1000 in your pocket, convince yourself that you will not spend more than $500 in the game. Once you do that, every penny that you spend over $500 will hurt you and you will stop at a point that you can afford.

Not Letting Go of Blinds

So, you just started playing the game and you are not going to let others push you over. To prove this, you will not let your blinds go. You will defend them until your last breath no matter what happens. It might seem that you are doing the right thing, but you are making a huge mistake. There are people on the table who are noticing every move you make. If you are extremely stubborn about your blinds, they will make you pay for it.

Just like you do in trading, you have to know when to let go rather than pursuing. When you just start playing, you have to feel the table and the tendencies of the people around you. Let the blinds go when you know the hand you have is weak. Fold your cards and don’t feel ashamed about it. Otherwise, you might end up losing all the money that you have right at the start of the game.

Tilting and Tilting Even More

This is a term that might not make sense to you when you have just started playing the game. However, as soon as you start, you will know the meaning. In fact, you will experience tilt and that’s when you will realize how big of a mistake it is. Tilt is when you are slowly derailing yourself because you are not optimistic about your win. You just make up your mind that things are not going your way so you either start bluffing too much or making moves that only cost you big time in the end.

You have to avoid this at any cost. Keep in mind that you can end the game whenever you want when you are playing for cash. However, if you are a part of a tournament, you will lose big time if you don’t control your tilt. Learn to control your emotions and make sure you are living in the “now”. Stop thinking about what happened in the past and things should be okay.

You can never let emotions cause you harm when playing poker. Continue to explore our website to get the best tips that can help you play this game in the best possible manner.